Just like you, we were tired, stressed and anxious all the time. That's why we started restoring balance by going back to the basics: daily gratitude, meal planning, art therapy and more. Now, we are sharing it all with you.

8 Major Research-Backed Benefits of Expressing Gratitude!

We love our daily gratitude practice around here. In fact, we found it to have such an impact on our daily life, mindset, stress, relationships and more that it inspired us to start creating our own gratitude journals.  Truth is, life can be hard and it can feel really overwhelming sometimes. Expressing gratitude is not going to be a magic wand that erases all of the challenges. But, over time, practicing and cultivating an attitude of gratitude shifts how we react to and process the stressors and challenges of daily life. Sometimes the difference between an experience creating debilitating and negative stress related health issues or creating a positive, problem-solving, can do ...

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50+ Powerful Gratitude Quotes to Inspire You!

No doubt about it, we are living in strange times, friends. But, despite all of the very obvious challenges we are all facing (some more than others), I am still working on being grateful every day. Some days it’s easier than others. Just sayin’. While I do try to practice gratitude as much as I can, I also allow myself to have my feelings and to grieve the experiences and challenges that come with being a human in an unpredictable world (now more than ever). Practicing gratitude doesn't mean that we aren't also acknowledging other feelings like frustration, sadness, anxiety, etc. It's just a daily effort to spend at least a few moments in mindfulness and appreciation for the many ...

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